Flat Tires
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Symptom: Low tire

Diagnostic: under inflation
Your tire is under-inflated  when it doesn’t have enough air pressure to meet the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended psi (pressure per square inch). Under-inflated tires lead to flats and tire blowouts.
Reduces tread life through increased tread wear on the outside edges (or shoulders) of the tire
Generates excessive heat, which reduces tire durability and can lead to tire failure
Reduces fuel economy through increased rolling resistance (under-inflated tires make your vehicle work harder)
Stop into Integrity Auto Care and let us add air to your tire until it reaches the proper air pressure. The proper air pressure, can be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or there is a sticker on your door jam.

Symptom: flat tire

Diagnostic: tire damage that requires repair

Most punctures, nail holes, or cuts up to ¼" confined to the tread may be satisfactorily repaired by trained professional using industry-approved procedures.

Change your flat tire out with your spare tire. Then visit South Beloit Tire for an inspection as soon as possible. They can then determine what damage (internally as well as externally) your tire has, and whether to repair or replace your tire.
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